13x6 Frontal Wigs (Deepwave)

$390.00 - $633.00
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Adjustable Straps included
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  13x4 Lace Frontal: The term "13x4" refers to the dimensions of the lace frontal. It means t…

perfect choice for a seamless and natural-looking finish. Made from high-quality Eurasian hair, this closure provides a square-shaped area measuring 5 inches by 5 inches, offering a larger coverage area for versatile parting and styling options. The Eurasian hair ensures a soft and natural texture, blending effortlessly with different hair types. Experience the beauty and versatility of our 5x5 Eurasian closure, crafted with precision to enhance your overall look and provide a flawless and stunning hairstyle.
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Eurasian 5x5 lace closure provides a realistic and seamless way to close off a wig or hair weave. Th…