slayedwithpassion - Human Hair Education

slayedwithpassion - Human Hair Education

Slayedwithpassion on 20th Feb 2020

Raw Hair Extensions

100% Pure Human Hair

The original Ethnicity of our hair extensions: 

-South East Asian Hair



Hair companies fail to educate clients/customers on the true ethnicity of the hair they're advertising

 Label/Brand names such as Brazilian, Peruvian, Malaysian etc.. are 
Only Popular Marketing names in the hair industry

Companies have made millions on these label names

Unfortunately, these label names aren't actually the ethnicity of the hair.  

We are unlike other suppliers selling mixed virgin hair or Remy hair. They use chemicals to get the texture and color/dye it black and sell it to customers for a very cheap price (Processed).

There are a handful of raw hair companies that are very transparent when it comes to this information.

Furthermore, poor hair extensions have synthetic fiber blends which is known as (Processed) hair. 

this kind of hair last for about 4-6months if not shorter : (  this hair is liable to shed, lose texture, thin out & has a strong chemical odor.

We have proof of our real human hair by burn testing the hair.

if the hair turns into black ashes it is Real.


Our Hair company, ensures to provide you with high quality human hair extensions.

We have studied very thoroughly on the importance of Real high quality 100% PURE hair for you!